Australian Cattle Dogs

"little willy willys"





Aktualisierung: 11.03.19  News


Der Australier bezeichnet kleine Wirbelstürme als "little willy willys"

Da der Australian Cattle Dog mitunter auch eine gewisse Ähnlichkeit mit einem kleinen Wirbelsturm hat, fanden wir diesen Zwingernamen irgendwie passend.....


The willy-willy is now a “mini tor­nado” following “a path of destruc­tion”. What sort of pheno­menon is that? Granted, there are impish little willy-willys that skip across suburban car parks, lifting skirts and hair and filling eyes with grit, but out there, out in the bush of my youth and life’s autumn mem­ories, there are mon­sters that rip across the ancient plains, snap­ping trees and relo­cating sandhills as the clever­man inside them shrieks and dances in fiendish glee. They flatten towns. Mini tornadoes merely put the frighteners on tv journalists.





















































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